Yes, we carry liability insurance as well as WCB workers compensation.

We use water, soap, and squeegees to hand clean the windows on your house.  In some cases when unable to get to certain windows we will use a water fed pole system.

Rain will have a MINIMUM affect on clean windows, with the exception of basement well windows after a heavy downpour.  Contrary to what most people think rain is relatively clean unlike tap water which comes out of irrigation and sprinkler systems and contains many minerals.  The reason many people think rain affects there windows is because there windows and ledges were dirty to begin with.  If your windows are dirty or your screens and ledges are dirty and they mix with rain you are left with mud.

Most of our clients have their windows cleaned inside and out twice a year. (spring and fall) With exception to some businesses and storefronts that get it done monthly.

This all depends how long it was left on the windows.  On most houses we specialize in glass restoration and will be able to remove the hard water.  But if the hard water is left on for more than a few years it can become permanent or need a very strong chemical.

Yes absolutely.  Next Level Window cleaning will give your screens a good wipe down to ensure more clarity with your clean windows.  If screens are excessively dirty price could be affected.

We scoop the debris out by hand and then run large sponges through the gutters to ensure all water is pushed down the downspouts.

We make sure to scoop all debris out carefully to ensure none gets down the downspout.  If the downspout is clogged we will take it apart and clean it thoroughly to ensure proper flow.

Gutter cleaning frequency depends on the area that you live.  If there are trees around your home we recommend at least once a year in the fall time.  Other neighborhoods with less trees and shrubs can usually have them cleaned once every 3-5 years.