Gutter Guards………… A worthwhile investment?

Gutter Guards… Are they worth the investment?





Lately we have had many customers ask us whether or not they can save time and money installing gutter guards on their house. Because of this we decided to write a quick article on the pros and cons of gutter guards. Let’s start with the pros.




– gutter guards will allow you to go longer without cleaning your gutters

– big debris such as leaves and pine needles are blocked from getting into the gutters and cannot plug up your downspouts




– They are expensive. Gutter cleaning ranges from .60 cents to 1$ per foot or cleaning. Gutter guards cost between 1$ to 5$ per foot plus cost of installation


– gutters will still need to be cleaned! Although not as often as before, the process will require more labor as the gutter guards will need to be removed and then re-applied.


– gutter guards can trap seeds, dust and dirt in the gutters which will eventually build up and clog the downspouts


– it is hard to tell when the gutters are plugged up, the bottom line is that the gutter guards will eventually let enough dust and dirt through that the gutters will need to be re-cleaned


In the end the choice is really up to the homeowner. In some parts of the home where debris from trees is very common, gutter guards can prove to be a good investment to avoid having to clean them every couple months. For most homes though, we recommend having someone check your gutters and downspouts on a regular basis. In the long run this usually proves to be the smartest and cheapest choice.  If you get your gutters checked each year the price will be significantly lower. With many of our regular window cleaning customers, Next Level Window Cleaning will do a quick check of all downspouts to make sure your home is in top shape. Call us today and request to be on our regular email list! Your home is your investment, and we are here to help you maintain it to the highest degree.


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