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Life today is busy, and keeping your home looking beautiful can be time consuming. On top of that trying to do the work yourself can be dangerous! Climbing a shaky ladder to reach a window, shuffling to the edge of your roof to unclog a gutter, or spending an hour at Rona trying to find the right tool for the job might not seem like the best options.

Thats where we come in…..

Live Next Level offers professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, and exterior cleaning to keep your home looking amazing year round.

So whether it’s your parents 50th anniversary being hosted at your house, a backyard wedding, or just a semi annual maintenance visit to clean the windows and unclog the gutters, the appearance of your home matters and we are here to make shining it up as easy and convenient as possible.
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Window Cleaning

Ahhhhh the feeling of clean windows. Exterior, interior, frames, screens, you name it… we clean it. Few things brighten and freshen up the appearance of a home like clean windows. You will LOVE the results. With different package options you can choose the level of clean that works for you and your budget. We wear booties and use drop towels to ensure your home stays clean!

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most important maintenance projects for your home but also one of the most dangerous! Keeping your gutters clean helps protect your home from any potential water or leaking damage by safely funneling the water down to your drainage system. One of the first signs of a neglected home is overflowing, messy gutters. Next Level has invested in proper equipment to do the job efficiently and safely. We’ll keep your gutters clean and your husband off the ladder.
cleaning your gutters
Commercial Building Washing

Pressure and Softwashing

(House Wash, driveways, decks, siding)
A clean home stands out. Once per year its good to give your home a good thorough cleaning. Cobwebs, mold, mildew, dirt and debris build up over time and eventually begin to detract from the homes appearance. Our house washing solution is an eco-friendly mixture specially formulated for the exterior surface of your home. Rather than using damaging pressure, we let the solution do the heavy lifting. So whether its hardy plank, vinyl, or stucco, we have the solution to clean it. Not only does the solution sanitize the home, but it also removes all allergens so you and your family can breath easy.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

A new roof isn’t cheap, so why not maintain the old one. If left untreated, moss left to grow on a roof can actually cut the life of your asphalt shingles by as much as half! A lot of homeowners and even contractors aren’t properly educated on the best ways to remove moss. Using a pressure washer or a wire brush can actually do a lot more damage than good, even voiding the roof warranty. Rather than “Blast away” or “Scrape” moss off your roof, Live Next Level will actually treat your roof with a liquid solution that will kill it 100% down to the root. When it comes to moss removal and treatement, Its best to leave this job to a professional.
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