Is There Any Way To Get A Discount On Services

If you’re interested in saving a bit of money on your service, here are a few options:


1.) Neighbor discount 10% – if you and a neighbor next door get the work done on the same day it saves our team fuel, and driving time making for a more efficient route. Because of this we offer a 10% neighbor discount to both homes. If several homes on the block want to go on the same day all homes can benefit from the discount.


2.) Cancellation list discount 15% off- if you’re flexible and not in a rush for the cleaning you can sign up to our last minute cancellation list. From time to time we get last minute cancellations, or have extra capacity to fill. We want to keep our team busy and hours full, so joining our cancellation list helps us to fill these spots. If a job cancels we will simply call you and see if the spot works for your schedule (there’s no obligation to accept) if it does we will save you 15% off any services .


3.) Seasonal Discounts or special promos – from time to time we offer seasonal discounts or specific deals of the month. To benefit from these join our email list. Click here to join our mailing list.

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