Meet The Founder – Brandon Gawdun

  • Can you tell us about how Live Next Level Inc. came to be and what inspired you to start it?
    My dad owned a window cleaning company while I was growing up, and I often worked for him on weekends and during summer vacations. I started Next Level when I was 20 years old to support my personal journey of living next level. My wife, Camille, and I married young, and our passion was to travel the world. We wanted a business that could support our lifestyle, allowing us to travel during winters and work during busy summers. Our goal has always been about freedom, reclaiming our time, and living next level!
  • How does Live Next Level Inc.’s goal of enhancing the Okanagan lifestyle through convenient home maintenance services shape your daily operations and long-term objectives?
    Every system and service at Live Next Level Inc. revolves around making our customers’ lives better and easier. We constantly ask ourselves questions like, “How can we simplify things for them?” and “How can we exceed their expectations?” Our focus is on innovation driven by technology but aimed at creating simplicity.
  • Your company’s values of being solution-oriented, humble, accountable, kind, and empathetic are significant. How do these values impact your decision-making and the way your team functions?
    Since we primarily offer services rather than products, the individuals we hire are crucial to the customer experience. We ensure that every new team member aligns with our values of empathy, kindness, and solution orientation. Home services often come with challenges, so having positive and solution-oriented team members is essential for us.
  • Could you provide an example of a time when customer feedback directly influenced a new service or a change in how you deliver your services?
    A few years ago, we identified our top customers—those who provided the most referrals and reviews—and interviewed them to gather feedback. Based on their input, we implemented changes such as technicians calling ahead before arrival and introducing an online booking system. These adjustments were aimed at enhancing the customer experience.
  • Looking ahead, how do you envision Live Next Level Inc. evolving to further improve the quality of life for your customers?
    Looking ahead, we’re excited about leveraging evolving technology and software to make home services even more convenient. We’re considering options like subscription services, automated annual maintenance plans, and quicker payment methods to further improve our customers’ quality of life.
  • As the founder, how has the journey of building Live Next Level Inc. affected your personal perspective on living a better lifestyle?
    Building Live Next Level Inc. has reinforced my belief in prioritizing what truly matters in life, such as spirituality, family, and health. Meeting various customers in the early days provided valuable advice, and I’m continually striving to reclaim my time and focus on personal growth. Living next level means having the freedom to pursue these priorities.
  • What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in their communities or industries?
    My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to narrow their focus and prioritize understanding their customers’ needs. Conduct interviews with top customers to truly listen and tailor products or services to their preferences. Once you have a solid customer base and profitable product, consider expanding your offerings.
  • Can you share a bit about your background and the passions outside of work that drive you daily?
    Outside of work, I’m passionate about travel, outdoor activities, sports, fitness, and music. Applying biblical principles in my life is important to me, and I enjoy meeting fellow entrepreneurs. Business has always been my main hobby, and I also provide business coaching for service businesses across North America. Life is an adventure, and living next level means having the freedom to pursue various interests and goals.
Brandon Gawdun
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