Meet the Team, Luca Panucci – Office Manager

Can you tell us how you started with Live Next Level?


My journey with Live Next Level began during high school when I reached out to Brandon about a job opportunity. He was fantastic and brought me on board. I initially started by cleaning windows, then transitioned into sales, and now I’m happily working in the office. It’s been an incredible progression, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow with the company.


How’s your working experience so far?


My working experience has been fantastic! We have an amazing crew, and the best part is making work enjoyable with the guys. It’s been a blast, and I’m grateful to be part of such a great team.


How does Live Next Level Inc.’s goal of enhancing the Okanagan lifestyle through convenient home maintenance services shape your daily operations and long-term objectives?


On a day-to-day basis, my main focus is ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. This involves not only addressing their immediate needs and concerns but also thinking about their long-term well-being and contentment. I strive to maintain open lines of communication with clients, actively listening to their feedback and adapting our services accordingly. Whether it’s resolving issues promptly or going the extra mile to exceed expectations, my goal is to build strong relationships built on trust and reliability. This commitment to client happiness isn’t just a short-term endeavor—it’s a year-round dedication to ensuring that our clients feel valued and supported in every interaction.


Live Next Level’s values of being solution-oriented, humble, accountable, kind, and empathetic are significant. How do these values impact your decision-making and the way your team functions?


Since Brandon and the team first brought me on board, they’ve emphasized thecore values of Live Next Level: being solution-oriented, humble, accountable, kind, and empathetic. These values deeply influence how I make decisions and how our team operates. I prioritize finding solutions and taking responsibility for my actions, while also emphasizing kindness and empathy in my interactions. For me, humility is especially important—it reminds me that mistakes happen, but it’s how I handle them that truly matters. This mindset not only guides my work ethic but also shapes the supportive environment in which I thrive.


Can you share a bit about your background and the passions outside of work that drive you daily?


When I’m not at work, one of my biggest passions is music. I love playing guitar and singing with my band—it’s where I feel most alive. We jam out whenever we can, and it’s always a blast. I’m also a huge concert junkie. If there’s a show in town, you can bet I’ll be there. Besides music, I’m big on keeping a healthy balance. I hit the gym or go for a runs to clear my mind and stay active. And of course, spending quality time with friends is essential. Whether we’re grabbing a bite to eat or just hanging out, it’s all about enjoying life to the fullest.

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