Staying proactive with mental health



How are you?


I’m sure you would agree the best way to describe this entire time is just “WEIRD”. I’m sure that none of us can say that we have experienced anything like this before, and that can throw us through a bit of a loop. I think one of the most important things we can do right now, is to make sure we stay healthy mentally and emotionally.


Here are some proactive tips that can help!


  1. Keep up with your routine: Anxiety, stress, and a change in circumstance can sometimes push us off our routine. We have the tendency to want to skip our workout, eat junk food, stay up later and sleep in, or binge watch netflix.
  2. Keep Balanced: Separate the facts from the fear. Have a balanced approach. Yes we need to change the way we live by social distancing, but really it’s not social distancing its physical distancing. You can still facetime, skype, zoom meeting; take precautions and follow government protocol, but don’t get caught up in too much hype.
  3. Take control of your environment: Don’t stress about what you can’t control. Do what you can. Limit the time you spend on social media and the news. When you first wake up, don’t jump on your phone right away. That’s going to increase your stress hormones right off the bat. Keep your physical environment clean and organized too. Use the time to get a jump on that spring cleaning. Keep your home clean and uncluttered and bright.
  4. Find the silver lining: Slow down a bit. How many times in the past would you have dreamed you could work from home? How much more time are you able to spend with your family now? Perhaps you got a jump on all your spring chores and cleaning.
  5. Be grateful: Be grateful for this sunshine, living in kelowna, being able to have some time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, live so close to a lake, beautiful hiking trails. Be grateful to be around your family more. Be grateful you have a home!


In conclusion i just want to say, don’t be so hard on yourself. None of us saw this coming and it’s just one of those weird things that no one could predict. Even if you are in a vulnerable situation right now this is not your fault! So just take it one day at a time, be grateful, take care of your mind, body and environment.


We are one of the few small local companies that are fortunate enough to not be shut down, and are doing everything we can to keep our employees on payroll. Although we are suspending indoor services, many of our services take place outside and with physical distance.


Because of that we are still going to be giving back to the BCSS this month for mental health and the fight on mental illness. $20 of every exterior window cleaning booked during the month of march will be donated.


If you’re tired of sitting at home with that dirty view give us a call! And if funds are tight, well think about the money you save with that extra time on your hands to do the inside windows yourself :) I’m going to have to start releasing some training videos to teach you haha!


Take care for now friends,



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