What Methods Do We Use To Clean Your Gutters?

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Air or water- One of the most common methods for cleaning gutters is using a leaf blower or a pressure washer to blast out the debris or flush them out.


The pros: Its quick! When the debris is dry, a blower can work great and cut the time in half. A pressure washer can sometimes be done from the ground with the right attachment.


The Cons: It can make a huge mess. A leaf blower can make a big mess on the property, if the windows or the home have already been washed, its hard to avoid getting them dirty. Pressure washers can splash the muddy debris everywhere as well. Also in some cases pressure washers might flush a lot of the big debris down the downspout if they haven’t been scooped out first. If your gutter system goes underground into a natural underground french drain then you can run the risk of clogging up the underground system.


Using a high powered gutter vacuum- The second technique can be using a high powered vacuum to suck out debris from the gutters. This is usually done from the ground with long carbon fiber poles and an angled attachment, while a technician walks underneath them, he gutters and directs the vacuum down into the gutter. However, it is difficult to get 100% of the debris out with a vacuum, and clearing out the downspouts are not always possible with a vacuum. This technique is certainly the safest and quickest with a technician cleaning from the ground – however, it can not be used on all homes.


The third technique is hand-scooping out the debris and placing it directly into bags. This technique takes more time but minimizes the amount of additional clean-up that is needed with the other methods. Being right up on the gutter while cleaning allows a technician to clear out downspouts easily and thoroughly, and allows them to inspect for defects in the gutter system.


Every home is different, and depending on the seasons – all 3 techniques mentioned can be used properly with the right experience. Really the downspouts being clear is the most important part. Otherwise, the gutters can be clean, but they overflow anyways.


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