Next Level Certification

Level 1 - Introduction

Introduction Level (in training)

-we have decided that you will be a good culture fit for our company

Professionalism, Safety, Profit (talk about these 3 things)

-you passed the interview, background check, and have shown that you have a humble and likeable attitude.  We are excited to work and train you!

Action to reach the next level (what you will be working on): (approx 3 days or 24 hours)

  • General overview of everything.  company orientation, van orientation
  • Sign documents, welcome package, get uniform
  • Safety training
  • Learn how to clean a window the “Next Level” way
  • Learn how to clean gutters and the mechanics of gutter cleaning
  • Practice practice practice
  • Go over customer lifecycle document
  • Go over discipline sheet and incentives
  • Learn the 16 foot ladder in basic scenarios
  • Go over company PRINCIPLES and VALUES and how we base decisions off of them.

Level 2 - Work with a mentor in our company and practice

You have now started to catch on to basic window and gutter cleaning with stool, step ladder, and 16 foot ladder.  Your job isn’t scary anymore, you can work independently for a short period of time

-you will work with a crew leader who will help mentor you along.

Action to reach the next level (what you will be working on): (approx 1.5-3 months)

  • Practice practice practice your technique to become fast
  • Ladder safety and training ( once confident start doing the 28 foot ladder and 32 foot ladder)
  • Introduction to the razor blade
  • Post construction training
  • Chemicals training and what each one does (goof off, magic eraser, gutter whitening)
  • Go full quarter without leaving something on jobsite (1 freebie)
  • Screen cleaning
  • Go full quarter clocking in and out on time (1 freebie)

Level 3 - Ninja

You are beginning to master what it means to do your job, you are fast and efficient at all the technical aspects of the job.  

– You are quick and safe on all ladders and methods of cleaning

– You are on time, reliable, and have always documented and followed systems properly.  

– you can give your crew leader a break from ladder work now and help him do it 

Action Steps to advance to next level:  (time is totally dependant on you and on the need for a new crew leader.)

  • You will run the crew under the supervision of the crew leader 2 days per week.  
  • In these two days per week you will fill out all documentation properly and properly follow systems
  • Crew leaders need to be reliable so maintain a reliable reputation by missing minimum work days and not having any private meetings scheduled to work on this
  • Maintain responsibility metric and continue to not leave tools on job site and keep call back rate low.  
  • Learn to operate company software
  • Read and write report on “Delivering Happiness”

Level 4 - Crew Leader

– You are now learning new skills to set you apart from the competition

– you will be in charge of another tech and help mentor them up to the crew leader level.

Action steps to take and get promoted to next level:

  • Not one quality control re-visit for 2 months
  • Has mentored another employee from level 1 to level 3
  • Over 100 perfect surveys from customers
  • No written disciplinary writeups in a full season
  • Read and written report on E-myth

Level 5 - The Next Level Certification

  • You are a true leader and are ready for more responsiblilty and growth within the company .  

Our certification program yields better works and better people.  Next Level Window Cleaning Employees are learning and growing everyday.