How Does Live Next Level Compare With Competitors

You may have noticed, there’s a TON of home service companies out there. So how does Live Next Level Inc. compare? Where do we fall in the mix? What makes us different?


Well to say that we are truly a game changing, epic, new, completely different and improved experience from our competitors may be a bit of a stretch… after all, how much more awesome can you throw into something like window cleaning? 😆. But I will say that we do business a little bit different, and that begins with where we focus.


To say we offer meticulous and high quality home services is true, but hardly the whole story. Our customer experience starts less with the window cleaning and more with focusing on making your life easier.


Although we do many commercial projects, Next Levels focus is on the residential busy home owner. The mompreneurs, the busy families, the people who want to truly live next level and are passionate about their time and their community. Those are our people! And we have set up our company to give them what they want, an anxiety free, no hassle, high quality job with transparent pricing. SIMPLE and EASY. We can take care of all your exterior and window cleaning needs and package it up nicely for you.



Our secret sauce is not something we throw in the bucket but really it’s the people we hire. We don’t want to seem proud or overly confident, but we would say that we have the best company culture out of any service company here in Kelowna, and you will quickly see it within moments of us coming to your home.


In terms of price I would be lying if I said we were on the cheaper side. But it’s with good reason that we charge more. We provide a living wage to our employees and throw passion into the business ever day. With above average pricing comes above average people and an above average experience.


We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable, give you more time, and maybe even inspire you :)


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