Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Cleaning Company

We’ve all been there, your windows are filthy, when the sun is out it is almost embarrassing to have anyone in your home. Because of the danger involved with heights etc you are considering hiring someone to do the work for you. Here in the Okanagan there are many window cleaners to choose from. Because of the low start-up cost, simplicity, and low initial overhead, many have pursued the window cleaning trade. But with so many companies and “One man shows” around Kelowna many wonder where to start when looking for a reliable window cleaning company.


When looking for a window cleaning company there are three main things to consider. Price, quality, and service. We at Next Level Window Cleaning encourage you to see for yourself why we consider ourselves the best window cleaning company in the Okanagan Valley. Below I have compiled a small checklist for customers to go through when deciding on a window cleaning company.


1.) Make sure the company is insured by Worksafe BC and as well, make sure they carry liability insurance


Window Cleaning as you know is a high risk job. Without proper insurance all it takes is a small accident and you the homeowner could be held accountable for any injury on your property. To add to that insurance is expensive. Companies that are fully insured show that they take their business serious.


2.) Experience


How long has the company been around? How long has the owner been in the trade? Because professional window cleaners do not require a degree to work this can be a tough one to judge. Customer reviews, photos of past work, and an attention to detail when giving a quote are good things to look for when considering a window cleaner. An experienced window cleaner knows about the risk of tempered glass on a home and also how to properly equip a ladder so as not to damage your home both inside and out.


3.) Price


With many different companies there will be many different prices. All of us want to save money so sometimes a cheaper price is very appealing. But be sure to take everything into consideration. Window cleaners work with 300$-2000$ pieces of glass. A minor mistake with a razor blade and you could be in a lot deeper than that. General pricing for window cleaning in the Okanagan is between 2$-3$ per side of each pane. If the quote is a lot cheaper or a lot higher than that then we advise caution.


4.) Service and Quality


Company image is huge when it comes to window cleaning. A “Clean” image suggests a company that has an attention to detail. Do they clean the frames? Do they go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied? Most companies with experience will have a loyalty “Call or Email list” for regular customers. We at Next Level Window Cleaning strive to take care of our customers, especially our regular customers. This means a regular call for service and along with that we also will let you know if we see any maintenance needed on your roof, gutters or home etc.


We hope this helps in your hunt for your next window cleaning company !



Brandon, Owner


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