What Is Hard Water Staining?

Hard Water Staining

Hard water stains are caused when the water from your taps or sprinklers is left on the windows to dry. Once evaporated the tiny mineral particles leave spots on the glass that harden and turn to while scales.


How To Remove It?

At Live Next Level we have 3 categories for water stains.


Level 1 – basic water stains/not major. Water stains that have been on less than 6 months generally come off with straight vinegar or a citric acid. Pouring straight vinegar onto a rag or mop and letting it sit on the stain followed by agitation should do the trick. These stains are included in your cleaning package.


Level 2– when vinegar doesn’t work, or it takes a lot of extra elbow grease we move on to something stronger like a professional water stain remover. These products usually contain a product called cerium dioxide that helps polish the glass and removes the minerals. This method requires an extra charge as it takes extra product and time.


Level 3 – when professional water stain removal doesn’t work we move to even stronger chemicals such as hydrofluric acid. If that doesn’t work it’s most likely that the glass is etched. At this point professional restoration is needed. The glass needs to be sanded and polished down with a glass restore system.


If you want advice on your water stains feel free to reach out to us!


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