Can Windows Be Cleaned In The Rain

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The short answer is YES. But let us tell you why.


Rain water when tested actually reads at 0TDS.


What does that mean?


TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It represents how many minerals or particles the water contains. We use a TDS meter to measure water purity. For instance the water that comes out of a typical tap here in the Kelowna area measures in at 150TDS. When this kind of water is left on the glass to dry the water will evaporate leaving the solid particles on the glass. If left on the glass long enough these particles can cause hard water staining.


Rain water on the other hand measures at 0 TDS. Its totally pure and will not leave any solids on the glass!


So why do my windows look dirty after it rains then?


The reason so many people think that rain wrecks their clean windows is usually due to the house itself or the screens being already dirty. When the rain water combines with the dirt in the screens it can then run down and leave debris on the glass.


Because of this fact we at Live Next Level actually provide a 48 hour and 7 day rain guarantee depending on the package you choose!


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