How Much Does It Cost To Remove Hard Water Stains?

The cost for removing water stains depends on how bad they are. We’ve categorized water stains into 3 levels *see blog ‘what is hard water staining’.


Our technicians will attempt to remove stains from one window and then see what’s involved. We will show you a before and after so you can decide if you want us to proceed. In general water stain removal with a professional water stain removal chemical costs around $10 per pane. If acid is needed the cost is $20 per pane. And if the window needs to be completely resurfaced the cost can be between $100-$200 depending on the size of the piece of glass. As you know, glass isn’t cheap. Generally the cost to restore glass by resurfacing works out to be about 50% the cost of a new piece of glass, still saving you some money.


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