What Do You Use To Clean My Windows?

The most popular methods for cleaning windows… over the years there has been lots of talk about the best way to clean windows. Ammonia, newspaper, vinegar, dish soap, purified water? Maybe you have heard some of these methods. At Next Level we primarily use the two methods listed below.


1.) Traditional Method – this is done with the use of a mop and squeegee. We fill a bucket with about 2 gallons of water, 1/4 of dish soap (we prefer sunlight), and cup of vinegar. The sunlight soap is actually NOT as much for the cleaning, as it is just to help the squeegee to glide across the glass. Many people are confused by this, and think its the sunlight soap that is the secret sauce. The real secret to cleaning a window without leaving streaks is with the practice of removing the liquid solution with the squeegee. The dirt on the window is combined with the soapy solution, and then the combined solution is removed from the glass with the squeegee, leaving the window streak free!


2.) Purified Water System (some know it as the water fed pole or tucker pole)
With this method we don’t use any soap at all! The water from your taps is ran through a DI or RO filtration system that removes all the minerals like calcium or other dissolved solids from the water. Some refer to this as de-ionized water. With these dissolved solids (minerals) removed from the water, the solution will actually dry perfectly clear (without hard water staining). In fact the solution will actually act as an aggressive “charged” cleaner, attracting dirt and debris to the solution as you scrub. The window is then scrubbed with the soft brush, combining dirt into solution and then rinsing it off of the glass to reveal a perfectly streak free windows!


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